Gisele Littrell, Owner of Tipsy Bean.

Gisele Littrell, Owner

These are exciting times for locals and transplants alike in Erie, but to continue the progressiveness and entice people to stay and relocate here we need to become the city also known for it's great social environment, inclusivity, diversity and dedication to the arts.

The Tipsy Bean is strategically placed in The Hill District to help create this shift for our city's identity by being at the forefront of collaborating with other local business owners to establish a cultural neighborhood for Erie residents. The vision for this cafe has been 15 years in the making and has been driven by a passion for the processes that make coffee and liquor both so versatile and enjoyable.

Erie is in the process of becoming a start-up friendly, tech savvy, locally sourced and supported community making solutions for international challenges. As a local entrepreneur for 20 years, Gisele has continued plans for business growth and investment in the downtown area and hopes to make her passion and commitment to this city contagious!