Why a French Press Makes the Best Cup of Coffee

Coffee connoisseurs agree that a French press makes the finest and purest cup of coffee, and there is a valid reason for that. When using a typical coffee machine, the paper filter is soaking up the flavor and oils in the coffee bean. When using a French press, all of the fats and oils are mixed in with the coffee, which allows for a better and deeper taste.  

The French press allows the coffee grounds to steep, much like a cup of tea. If you put a tea bag in hot water for a few seconds, it won’t have the same flavor as when you steep the tea. The same is true with coffee, because the French press allows the coffee to steep rather than filter. On top of this, when using a French Press, it’s best to use a larger grind of coffee. When using a fine ground coffee, it will cause the beverage have a bitter taste.

Another added benefit of using a French press is the temperature of the coffee when the process is complete; it helps to maintain the perfect temperature throughout the entire process rather than heating too quickly and cooling too quickly. Everyone wants a warm cup of coffee to last, especially during these chilly months of the year.

Luckily, using a French press at home is simple and inexpensive. French presses can be as low-cost as $10, but do your research on which French press will be best for you. You may also want to purchase your own grinder in order to get the perfect size of coffee grounds. Overall, having a French press is the best way to get a pure tasting coffee that is made specially for you and your tastes.

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